We are the team that creates amazing and exciting games for the whole family!

Our Mission

Small Screen Entertainment

We are passionate about creating new exciting fairy tale worlds for everyone to enjoy together. Experience the magic of the Jolly World through popular game genres on top platforms.

Our Story

Let us walk through our biggest milestones.

Jolly Battle was released on Steam

An amazing adaptation of a well-known board game. The delicious take on the visuals of the battle team makes the game even more exciting for the whole family.

JollyCo studio established

We are the team that creates amazing and exciting games for the whole family!

Jolly Battle was released
on the App Store and Play Market

Jolly Battle is played using the rules of a well-known board game. The players battle with a fleet of funny animated cakes. Weapons include the caramel bombs, which zero in on the cakes that the players aim at.

YouTube channel launched

Our growing community seems to be fascinated by the Jolly Battle game universe, its gameplay, and its characters. So we thought, why not launch a YouTube video diary alongside our social media activities? It's the most graphic way to show you the whole Jolly Battle story, explain some rules, and uncover its features.

Jigsaw Puzzle by Jolly Battle released

Put colorful jigsaw puzzles together to discover fun short stories about the Jolly Battle characters. Over a hundred unique hand-drawn pictures come in packs of 10. Increase the difficulty level from 9 up to 256 pieces and try it with family or friends. Save pictures and share them with friends!

Jolly Battle Match 3 coming soon

Jolly Battle Match-3 is a casual match-three game. Swap and match yummy pieces and hit awesome combos! Unlock powerful boosters, complete hundreds of colorful levels, and win stars to upgrade your Kingdom.

Our Values

Team approach

Our cohesive team works together to address and solve daily issues.


We listen to what players get excited about. Our team merges insights with the art of game design, creating experiences enjoyed by millions of players.

Flexibility and creativity

We use the latest technologies in the development process. Our team is not afraid to make adjustments to the initial plans by using effective and out-of-the-box solutions.


We are dedicated to enriching players by developing high-quality games that bring people together and allow everyone to grow while having fun. We put our art and craft into every aspect of our games. Our dedication to quality starts at the source: brave ideas, captivating stories, and immersive games.


We build fun and phenomenal experiences by creating amazing games. Loving what we do permeates every game, from the start to finish.

Our people

Ground breakers at work, gamers at heart

We are a league of people who work hard and play hard. Our camaraderie is fueled by our passion to create interesting entertainment for the whole family.


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