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Assemble unique hand-drawn puzzles!


Elevate your jigsaw skills with Jigsaw Puzzle by Jolly Battle. Uncover the heroic tales of beloved characters as you piece together the enchanting world of Jolly Battle in this captivating game.

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Integrated Jigsaw Puzzles and Match-3 Gameplay

Experience the best of both worlds with a combination of traditional jigsaw puzzles and engaging match-3 levels. Switch seamlessly between assembling intricate jigsaw pieces and crushing candies to progress through the game.

Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Unlock beautifully crafted, hand-drawn illustrations as you advance through match 3 game levels. Each completed jigsaw puzzle reveals a unique artwork, adding to the visual appeal and storytelling experience.

Captivating Storylines and Characters

Immerse yourself in captivating stories about the game characters. Discover their adventures and backgrounds through the puzzles you solve, creating a deeper connection with the game’s narrative.

Challenging and Competitive Gameplay

Compete against other players in fast-paced puzzle battles, showcasing your speed and skill in assembling jigsaw puzzles. Participate in weekly challenges to win rewards that will help you pass levels faster, adding a competitive edge to the joyful and engaging gameplay.

Colorful Power-Ups and Boosters

Enhance your match-3 gameplay with a variety of colorful power-ups and boosters. Create powerful combos to clear levels faster and tackle challenging puzzles with ease. Each level brings new challenges and discoveries, ensuring a fulfilling and addictive gaming experience.


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Gameplay Video

Gameplay Video


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