How AI Influences Video Game Industry

2 March 2023

AI broke into our lives and work, and it seems, there is no turning back. But like everything new, this system causes not only interest and pleasant emotions, but also troubling questions. Certainly, our attention is focused on the use of AI in the field of game development. As there are a lot of different opinions and discussions about AI we decided to collect main of them both positive and negative.

Positive vibes

The first and, maybe, the main reason of using AI by modern game designers is reduction in working hours. Artists give commands to the system, the system executes them and as a result the artists save their time for further work. By using artificial intelligence, artists may save from 30% to 70% of their working time. In this case, they can perform more tasks in less time. And this, in turn, means that the entire gaming industry is moving to a new level of productivity and the number of released projects.

It is worth noting that the AI system is not perfect, therefore, before using it for its intended purpose, it should be trained and adjusted to the personal needs of the user. And even after adjusting all the settings and fully working with AI, the artist finalizes the work of the system, since the final work of the system cannot 100% display all the details intended by the original author. Therefore, the use of AI in design is not a panacea for the creativity of an individual. After all, as always in life, before starting a business from scratch, you need to invest in it.

We all know that time is money. And where there is saving time, there is saving money. In this case the companies may invest saved money in new projects or in the development of an existing one to increase its rates in the market. This opens up a completely new possibilities for creating unique products or for implementing custom requests in existing projects. Remember that demand always creates supply.

Do not forget that AI is an auxiliary tool for the artists, which does not negate their previous merits. After all, when your business is expanding and there is no time to cover everything on your own, you hire assistants, train them, share the acquired knowledge and allow them to promote your business with you, and not instead of you. The same applies to AI.

Alarm bells

Perhaps the most sensitive issue for AI opponents is the question of ethics. An AI-based system does not produce a product out of nothing. In order to create a work, real people introduce the AI to existing creations and databases, from which the AI generates its work. And this means that the system uses what specific artists have spent their time and energy on. The development of technology and comfort has always been the prerogative of mankind. But should we forget about spiritual things that are not characteristic of machines? So here is the thought to reflect on.

If we are talking about the use of other people’s work, we will certainly face a copyright law, that is directly related to an ethical issue. Most artists who post their work online are concerned that it may be used illegally by other artists. But it is one thing when different people claim ownership of a certain painting, and quite another – when, with the help of technology, this painting is modified and presented as a unique product. And sometimes authors who use other people’s work through AI may not know about it. Therefore, in this case, copyright lawyers are suing those who supply the AI-based system with foreign material.

The final argument against AI is the lack of jobs for artists as machines once again replace human labor. Unfortunately, this problem is not new. You can recall at least the years of the industrial revolution, when people literally threw themselves on trains and cars, which were the result of the transition from manual labor to automation. But as time went on, people adapted to innovations and continued to create new technologies never seen before. However, the shift from one era to another takes a long time, during which a large number of talented people may suffer from lack of work and money. And history shows that some processes are inevitable.

We do not want to be a moral compass and encourage you to join the ranks of the supporters or opponents of neural networks. But, perhaps, having read all the arguments, you will decide which side you will take. Or you’d like just to take a closer look at what AI is. In any case, it’s never too late to start learning new things!

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