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happy thanksgiving day 2020
Happy Thanksgiving Day from Jolly Battle!

The season for gratitude is here! We are thankful for the health and good in our lives. We’re also thankful for each new day filled with smiles and treats from the Jolly world characters. Even the sticky, gooey messes from the Jolly World sweets make us grateful for all the fun we have. Wishing you […]

26 November 20
Jolly Battle adults
Jolly Battle: Great Time Killer for Adults

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we just want to relax and kill time. This often happens on the road, in line at the store, and between classes at school. Sometimes, spending some time actually helps productivity. Playing games for 20-30 minutes helps clear the brain and regain energy to do important things. With […]

15 May 19
Jolly Battle emotions
Jolly Battle: a New Spin to Your Childhood Games

Let’s go back to the mid-90s. Picture those times throughout your childhood and teenage years enthusiastically playing BattleShip. You’d take a piece of paper, draw the playing field and revel in your victories. We could play everywhere: at school, in the backyard with friends, with parents at home, or on the road. All you needed […]

30 September 18
Jolly Battle: sweet world
How Games Unite Parents and Children

We often hear stories from parents that children spend their free time on gadgets. They refuse to take walks, play with peers and communicate with their parents. For many, this is a big problem because they do not know how to switch the attention of children from the virtual world to the real one. We […]

30 August 18