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How AI Influences Video Game Industry

AI broke into our lives and work, and it seems, there is no turning back. But like everything new, this system causes not only interest and pleasant emotions, but also troubling questions. Certainly, our attention is focused on the use of AI in the field of game development. As there are a lot of different […]

02 March 23
Mobile Gaming Trends 2023

In recent years mobile gaming industry strikingly has changed. Mobile games are no more a way to pass the time. It is an independent world or a system with its own rules and meanings. Mobile games can easily compete with ones on PC or consoles. And considering the speed of development we tried to make […]

28 February 23
Jolly Battle family playing
Family-Friendly Mobile Gaming: Trends, Opportunities, Challenges

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for family-friendly options in the gaming market. Mobile gaming is quickly becoming another form of family entertainment. In a world where families often feel disconnected by mobile phone use, family-friendly games are giving a great opportunity for children and parents to bond. What can we expect […]

30 October 19
Jolly Battle - best casual game for children
Keys to Understand Kids Mobile Gaming

According to the latest surveys covering the mobile games market, kids ages 3-12 will determine the future of the video game industry in terms of content types and experience. Kids mobile gaming key characteristics While creating mobile games for kids, developers have to keep in mind the following key points: In 2018, video game revenue […]

14 October 19