Jolly Battle: Great Time Killer for Adults

15 May 2019

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we just want to relax and kill time. This often happens on the road, in line at the store, and between classes at school. Sometimes, spending some time actually helps productivity. Playing games for 20-30 minutes helps clear the brain and regain energy to do important things.

With modern technology, smartphones and the internet have come to the rescue. You can spend time reading the news or watching a video. What if you don’t want to bury your head with information and just want to relax?

We realized that adults need fun and interesting games that don’t require a lot of time and concentration. There is even a specific genre of games called time killers. They’re not designed for reaction speed, but they are very exciting. Their main purpose is to help you pass time without requiring too much expenditure.

Jolly Battle is just the game you’re looking for. Many think that the magical world of cakes and caramel is not the best setting for adults, but give it a try and we’re sure you’ll see the allure. Before releasing this game, we tested it for a long time. We were so carried away by this process that we did not notice how many people around us gradually began to increasingly “kill time” with the game. Adults were just as interested in Jolly Battle as children.

Jolly Battle start

  • For children, Jolly Battle is an opportunity to spend time, have fun, and share their achievements with peers.
  • For adults, Jolly Battle is an opportunity to kill time, unload your brain, and enjoy the process.

Jolly Battle relax

We managed to make a game that is interesting to all ages. We didn’t complicate it with mandatory tasks, difficulty levels, and limited functionality.

The game is immediately engaging and you can play as much as you want. Today, not every game can brag about this. Many try to hook players with required tasks that bother them very
quickly. We made a game for all types of people, so you won’t get bored with Jolly Battle. Each new battle is an unexpected scenario depending on whether you play against AI, friends, or other people from around the world.

Play and experience the fun of the game yourself. After all, no matter what important business you have, you always need to devote time for rest and entertainment.

Tired of reading? Let’s play!

Meet the amazing adaptation of a well-known board game!

The amusing take on the visuals of the battle team makes the game even more exciting for the whole family. Play against an AI player, with friends or rivals from all over the world in real time.

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