Caramel Attack

23 January 2020

Today, we have added a fresh update to the Jolly Battle’s gameplay. This time we were aiming at extending the player’s “yummy” arsenal. We’ve added a new weapon to hit the opponent’s cakes. Players love the caramel bombs with various damage areas (in the form of square 3×3, plus, and cross-stitch) in the store. This gave us the idea of a new weapon able to cover cells diagonally. The popular caramel bombs are implemented as boosters (you can change them for coins you earn by winning matches). The new strike feature is not purchased but is offered as a
reward to loyal players. We called it the Caramel Attack. Players can activate the new weapon on the game board after every 5 moves.

The new feature is born 

After a lot of brainstorming among our team of designers, developers, and artists, the Caramel Attack started to come to life. The team worked together to visualize a new character that fits into the Jolly World. This is how we came up with the Bumblebee character for the Caramel Attack feature.

Here are early sketches of it: 

Following slight corrections based on the feedback we received from the community, our team used Unity to animate the feature. We prepare several animations for different states: idle, action, disappointment, etc. Then, we show our progress to the community one more time:

Finally, it’s the turn of our developer to integrate the approved animation into the gameplay.

Bumblebee in action

Stay tuned and see you next time!

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