Jigsaw Puzzle March Update

21 March 2023

Hello friends! You were waiting for this moment and it finally happened! As always, every month we present a new set of packs for Jigsaw Puzzle. This time we have two new packs in our collection and the first brand new Premium pack. We really hope that you will like them, as each of them tells you a unique story about the new adventures of our old friends and give you a lot of pleasant emotions. So, let’s begin!

You can already download brand new thematic packs for Android and iOs.


Here is a list of new added packs:

Berry Picking


Jolly Race (Premium pack)


Let’s talk a little bit more about all of them.


Berry Picking

In the new series of adventures of sweet friends, you will learn how they go to the forest for berry picking. At first everything goes very cheerfully and carefree. Comic finds amazing mushrooms, and Prankster tries to feed and make friends with the squirrel. But at some point Loafer is out of sight. It turns out that he came across a bush of delicious berries and decides not to go anywhere, but just to lie on the grass and enjoy the gifts of nature. And the most interesting begins when Comic comes across the the largest strawberry in the whole world…



Clumsy dreams of flying in the sky. He makes paper airplanes and imagines himself being on that plane. And then one day he decides that he must invent and make an aircraft that can lift him into the sky. His friends join in the process of creating a miracle machine. When all the drawings are ready, they build their own aircraft from means at hand. Unfortunately, the first tests are unsuccessful. But suddenly a bird flew before the eyes of friends. And then they understood, what they have to do.


Jolly Race (Premium pack)

One evening, friends are watching a car racing on a big screen. Comic is so inspired by this spectacle event that at night he dreams he won first place in the same competitions. The next morning, he decides to get his friends to run their own races. Everyone like this idea, so the cheerful company begin to prepare actively for the competition and design their own racing cars. If you want to find out what happens next, you need to collect all the pictures, as a professional racer, reach the exciting finale.


It should be noted that the distinguishing feature of Premium packs is the animated graphics of each image in the pack. When you collect pieces of image, it starts to move and the whole game literally plays with new colors.

Don’t forget to download update. Brand new thematic packs are already available for Android and iOs!

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