New Daily Quests, the Jolly Battle Wheel

12 August 2020

Hello! Today we’d like to give our summer report about the latest features and improvements in Jolly Battle.

We changed how Daily Quests work. Our team lifted the limit for the number of quests available during each day and also added new tasks featuring the use of gameplay elements: boosters, characters, etc. After completing Daily Quests, the player gets a reward and has the opportunity to double their reward.

New daily quests

We keep improving the UI, making it more user-friendly and intuitive. This time it was time to work on our beloved Bumblebee. We added a timer on the booster bar to show how many turns are left before the Bumblebee is activated. There are now indicators showing all directions of possible caramel attacks.

bumblebee turns indicator

Bumblebee directions

Since boosters are one of the favorite features of our players, we added another possibility to get a free random booster every day. If a player has two or fewer available boosters before the start of the match, he can claim a free booster after watching a Rewardable Ad.

free booster window

Finally, the Jolly Battle Wheel has been introduced to bring more fun to players. It’s another way to get free boosters and we hope players will enjoy it.

jolly battle wheel

That’s it for today! See you next time!

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