Sugar Mess – Let’s Play Jolly Battle Available on PlayStation VR2

29 May 2024

JollyCo team is excited to announce the release of Sugar Mess – Let’s Play Jolly Battle VR on PlayStation VR2 on May 29, 2024. Now, the PSVR2 owners can purchase and enjoy the story-driven arcade shooter centered around a linear campaign, divided into 10 unique levels, each featuring a distinct gameplay style and mode. 

Sugar Mess Coming To PSVR2 From May 29
Sugar Mess Coming To PSVR2 From May 29

Achieving New Milestones

Originally, Sugar Mess – Let’s Play Jolly Battle was celebrated for its miscellaneous gameplay and captivating visuals. Now it has embarked on a thrilling new step by making its debut on the PSVR2. Sugar Mess – Let’s Play Jolly Battle takes full advantage of PSVR2’s cutting-edge technology to deliver stunning visuals, various mechanics and a sugar-coated immersive world.

Discover the Sugar Mess VR Game

This family-friendly VR game offers an engaging experience where players fend off hilarious edible enemies using magical candy-based weapons. With attention to its imaginative and non-violent gameplay, Sugar Mess – Let’ Play Jolly Battle is designed to be accessible and enjoyable for players of different ages. 

Playing Sugar Mess – Let’ Play Jolly Battle on PSVR2, gamers will dive into a captivating storyline. Even more, it contains a variety of activities and levels that will leave them in awe. The core of the game revolves around shooting mechanics and defending the Sugar Kingdom from waves of comical foes. As a result, players will have access to a vast arsenal of weapons. First thing to remember, those grow stronger with use, providing a dynamic and evolving combat experience.

The main campaign features three unique types of guns: the Cream Gun, Blender Gun, and Toaster Gun, each with three potential upgrades. As players progress, they can enhance the weapons to increase damage, rate of fire, and magazine capacity. Furthermore, special boosters are also available to give players an edge in combat.

Thrilling Activities Await

Within the main campaign, Sugar Mess – Let’ Play Jolly Battle offers a range of exciting activities. For instance, roller coaster enthusiasts can take a thrilling ride on the minecart through the Sugar Kingdom. In the same time, music lovers can grab their hammers and beat the rhythm in musical challenges. For those who enjoy a mental workout, puzzle levels are available to test their problem-solving skills. We invite players to immerse themselves in the fairy tale world and to uncover the exciting story of the Sugar Prince and his mysterious enemy.

Journey Through the Sugar Kingdom

The adventure begins in the vibrant Sugar Kingdom, where the ambitious Sugar Prince dreams of creating the most magnificent kingdom ever. With the help of his trusty robot, Robbie, the duo sets out to achieve this grand vision. However, as ambitions soar, the Prince decides to upgrade Robbie, resulting in the creation of a new robot, Robbo. This decision marks the beginning of an unexpected and chaotic turn of events.

The peaceful Kingdom is suddenly besieged by mischievous edible enemies, prompting the Sugar Prince to embark on a quest to discover the mastermind behind the attacks. His journey across the Kingdom is fraught with dangers and mysteries. However, with determination and courage, he is set to restore peace and order.

Join us in this enchanting adventure and experience the magic of Sugar Mess – Let’ Play Jolly Battle on PSVR2.

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