Sugar Mess VR Game: Wishlist It on Meta Quest

17 March 2023

Sugar Mess—Let’s Play Jolly Battle is a fun arcade first-person shooter for the whole family. You do not just play, but immerse yourself in a large and exciting story of the main characters of Jolly Battle universe. To reach the final you have to solve a lot of puzzles, fight enemies and take risky actions. Isn’t that cool? Move into the Sweet Kingdom with us. The story begins…

The Story

Once upon a time there was a Sugar Prince who, with his robot assistant, decided to create a Sweet Kingdom. Everything was going great for them until the prince replaced the assistant with a new, more advanced robot. And then one day the kingdom was attacked…

To save his home and prevent chaos, Sugar Prince has to make a long journey to meet the unknown, fight enemies and regain the trust of an old friend. This is not an easy task, so he definitely cannot cope without you. Become the Prince’s guide on this challenging adventure and help save the Kingdom!


Our game is not about a single genre. Stepping from one part of the story to another you find yourself in a different situation. There are puzzles, that opens up the ways for a Sugar Prince to move forward, trolley trip while shooting the mob, rhythmic levels, where you have to solve musical tasks, and more!


Shooting levels

The main mechanic is an interactive shooting range. The goal of this level is to repel all mob attacks. You may be in a standing position and shoot at the mobs that are flying towards you. Also you receive weapon experience points for each defeated mob. (Weapons upgrade). Weapons are upgraded automatically after completing the level, information on upgrade is shown in a pop-up window and in the arcade machine when exiting the menu.


Rail levels

The goal of the level is to get from point A to point B, while repelling the mob attacks. You sit in a trolley and go to a dangerous trip while being attacked by enemies, which you have to destroy with weapons.

Puzzle levels

Basic mechanics – pressing buttons. There are some goals where before going forward you have to press the buttons to choose the correct solution to the puzzle.


Rhythmic levels

The main mechanic is to hit the musical buttons with hammers to level up. It is both funny and intense.


In-game economics

After passing the level, you receive a total score. Based on the total score, you are assigned a rank. Depending on what rank you have received there are coins awarded to you: the higher the rank, the more coins. You can spend coins in the arcade machine to buy new weapons.

Tell honestly, you can’t wait to play the game, right? As soon as you plunge into this fantastic world, you will not want to leave it, and the characters of the story will become your true friends! Wait for further updates and add to wishlist!

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