Sugar Mess—Let’s Play Jolly Battle Available on PICO

22 December 2023

JollyCo team is excited to announce the release of Sugar Mess – Let’s Play Jolly Battle VR on PICO, on December 21, 2023.

With the PICO port, Sugar Mess VR players can seamlessly join the existing player base, indulging in the same suspenseful gameplay, take on fresh challenges, progressing on the map, and gaining coins.

Players can purchase Sugar Mess – Let’s Play Jolly Battle VR game from the PICO store as the next 10 levels, Chapter II will follow.

The Virtual World of Sugar Mess – Let’s Play Jolly Battle

The idea of creating a distinctive VR game, merging unconventional game mechanics to appeal to both adults and children, was initially considered quite peculiar. Nevertheless, the unconventional nature of Sugar Mess – Let’s Play Jolly Battle was deemed valuable and deserving of becoming a reality in the virtual world.

The 10 levels of the game are completed and ready for play. This entertaining arcade VR FPS is designed for both parents and their children. In addition to the static and cart-driving shooting levels, and the arcade machine, the game features logic puzzles and rhythmic challenges, offering a well-balanced gameplay experience and creating engaging moments. 

Immerse yourself in our VR game, a sugary explosion where players shoot ice-cream balls and chocolate bars, while opponents counter with lollipops and candy-themed items. The addition of fantasy violence is intentional, offering teens a safe and age-appropriate gaming experience in Candyville. This choice assures parents that their children can enjoy the game worry-free, as the sweet fantasy realm prioritizes responsible and enjoyable gameplay. Let teens embark on thrilling adventures within the boundaries of a delightful and secure gaming environment.

The plot

The story of the main character, the Sugary Prince starts with his ambitious idea to enlarge his kingdom. To build a huger kingdom, the main hero created a robot assistant named Robbie. Together they founded a 3D Sugar Kingdom with crystal sugar landscape, ice cream mountains, chocolate-paved paths and more. But the prince didn’t stop there. This time he created a more powerful assistant named Robbo. The partnership and friendship with the first one, Robbie, ended up here because the prince was too keen to make his kingdom even better but with a new friend and assistant.

In our fairytale-inspired world, battles arise from greed, love, or betrayal, and in our story, betrayal takes the stage. A friend’s betrayal sparks a series of attacks by mobs on the kingdom. As the background is sweet, the mobs that are attacking are also sugary. So the cake mobs overwhelmed the whole kingdom. As a result, the prince must rise to the challenge and defend the kingdom from these confectionary onslaughts.

Game mechanics

The primary objective for a player is to progress through 10 initial levels while collecting as many coins as possible. These coins grant you, the player, the ability to acquire unique weapon skins. Each of these skins is not only distinguishes itself by its power but also by its radius of influence.

Cakes attack in waves. Opponents use lollipops and other sweets-related objects as their weapons, throwing these items to challenge the player.  

The main game mechanics are:

  • Shooting Levels
  • Mine Cart Driving Levels
  • Logic Puzzle Solving Levels
  • Rhythmic Levels
  • Boss fighting

Upon successfully completing a level, navigate to the main hub to choose your next destination using a figurine on the map. The Prince’s room serves as the central hub, offering an intuitive interaction and effectively tracking the progression of your sweet adventure.

In the main hub, you can also take a break from Sweet Kingdom defense by playing a mini-game on the arcade machine. Without a doubt, it’s kind of a refreshing shift when you need to take a break from the main quest.

Plunge into a fanciful world filled with hilariously sweet opponents, sugary landscapes, and a variety of colorful weapons. All in all the game has 10 levels ready to try, and 10 more levels will be added during Q2, 2024.


Embark on the virtual adventure now! At the present time, our VR game is available on the following platforms:

  • Meta Quest: We’re already there, ready for you to experience.
  • Rift: You can find us and dive into the virtual realm.
  • PICO: Exciting news! We are freshly released here as well!
  • Steam: Feel free to play the Demo, wishlist us, and follow for updates and release notifications.
  • PS5: Coming soon, stay tuned for our arrival on PlayStation 5.

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