How to Get Better in Jolly Battle – Our Little Tricks

17 June 2019

Jolly Battle is an interesting game taking place in a magical world filled with cakes. The game is played until one of the players eats all the cakes of his/her opponent.

The game will be interesting for children of any age. But beginners might think that this game is based solely on good luck.

But, to become the most successful and win every battle, you need to gain experience and skills. Each player has his strategy. If you want to become a champion among all your friends, we will tell you about the small tricks that will help you.

  1. Do not put cakes in the corners of the playing field. Typically, beginners aim at them first. Many people know this, so they prefer not to put their cakes there. Do not start the attack from the corners. The likelihood that you will hit a cake is very low.
  2. Do not rush to throw battle caramel at your opponent. Study their battlefield well and think about where they could put their cakes. If you have already eaten part of the opponent’s fleet, think about their strategy. Maybe you will understand the logic behind the arrangement of the sweet fleet. For example, they can arrange all their cakes in one line, in the corners or horizontally.
  3. Few people know, but there is a winning tactic in this game, which we have already talked about. Try to use it and improve it to always be a winner.
  4. Think through the attack tactic. It is best to first find the largest 4-cell cake. As soon as you discover and cover it with caramel, your opponent will open up most of their field. To do this, you can shoot diagonally, or draw a rhombus. Even better – shoot skipping 3 cells. Count 3 cells from your last shot and throw caramel on the 4th. As soon as the four-deck ship is found, you should search for the 3-cell, then 2. This way, you will quickly see the entire battlefield of the opponent.

Your skills will improve with each new game. You will come up with new tactics and celebrate new victories.

We invite all Jolly Battle players to share their winning tactics and tricks. Write to us on the social networks and in the comments on the AppStore and Google Play. We will read each post, and we will write about the most interesting strategies in our blog and mention the author.

Let’s get the victory!

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