Jolly Battle Main Updates Review

19 October 2020

In this article, we invite you to hear about all this year’s highlights of various improvements created by our special Jolly Battle.


The Caramel Bombs 

First, we added a new weapon for players to join the battle for the Royal Cake. The caramel bombs have various damage areas (in the form of square 3×3, plus, and cross-stitch). We then introduced two additional new boosters: vertical and horizontal caramel bombs.

caramel bombs

It’s worth mentioning that the UI of the bombs changed twice. Take a look at they look after some TLC from our development team:

caramel bombs art


Caramel bombs quickly became a favorite weapon among players. This inspired our team to develop a new booster called radar. Radar is a helpful item widely used by players in games. Our team made sure to fit the radar into the Jolly Battle game universe, which is full of sweets and lovely characters. That’s how Flappy, the Firebug, was born.

flappy art

flappy in action

Players can get boosters by exchanging in-game coins earned after successful matches.

The Caramel Attack 

The Caramel Attack features a striking new feature awarded to loyal players. The Caramel Attack booster can be activated on the game board after every 5 moves. Our game developers added an adorable bumblebee character to accompany the feature.

bumblebee art

bumblbee in action


Daily Quests 

Daily Quests are a new challenge to all of the sweet tooths in the Jolly Kingdom! If a player completes a quest, he grabs the decadent rewards!

Our team also changed how Daily Quests work. We lifted the limit for the number of quests available each day. Our team also added new tasks, featuring various gameplay elements including boosters, characters, and more.

daily quests window


The Jolly Wheel 

The Jolly Battle Wheel is a new feature that brings even more fun to players. It’s another way to get free boosters. We’re sure all our Jolly Battle fans will greatly appreciate this!

jolly battle wheel

Another important milestone is just around the corner. Our team constantly works to keep improving and updating our game. We are dedicated to making the gameplay more and more fascinating with every update and new feature.

See you soon and stay tuned! 

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