Jolly Battle – YouTube Video Diary

9 October 2020

Every day we receive feedback from our players sharing their thoughts and suggestions on how to improve the game.

Our growing community seems just as dedicated to the Jolly Battle game universe as we are. We take all the suggestions and input regarding gameplay, characters, and the way the plot of this endless sweet adventure unravels.

So we thought, why not launch a YouTube video diary alongside our social media activities? It’s the most visual and graphic way to show you the whole Jolly Battle story while also explaining rules and new features.

Jolly Battle – How To Play

In Jolly Battle, a player has a team of 10 cakes – each of them with its own funny and distinctive emotions. You can play against the bot or another player online. You take turns attempting to shoot caramels. One usual hit covers only one cell of the game board, which looks like a cookie. If a part of a cake or the whole one is eaten, you may take another turn.

If a player shoots and misses, the turn is over. The first player who eats all the rival’s cakes wins the game.

Meet Jolly Battle Characters

The Jolly Kingdom is full of sweets! We have vanilla donuts for trees and a huge piece of candy as the sun. All you’ll want to do in this world is have fun and eat goodies. The Jolly World and Battle are based on a legend. The story states that the lovely characters failed to share the big royal cake evenly and justly. This is when the Jolly Battle began and carried everyone away.


Jolly Battle – How To Use Boosters

The game reveals a choice of three boosters from your tasty store before every battle. Remember that you may have a lot of boosters in stock, but there is only a certain number of them that you can take into each battle.

The Jolly Battle features a choice of caramel bombs with different areas of effect (3×3 square, a plus-shaped area, a cross-stitch area, a full row or column). Tap on the booster icon in the right part of the screen to pick a booster, and then tap on a specific cell to use it. You may also simply drag and drop it onto the field.

Tired of reading? Let’s play!

Meet the amazing adaptation of a well-known board game!

The amusing take on the visuals of the battle team makes the game even more exciting for the whole family. Play against an AI player, with friends or rivals from all over the world in real time.

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