Tokyo Game Show 2023. Summary and Impressions

26 September 2023

Hello, our dear JollyCo family. Here we come with one of the most exciting news and impressions we have ever had until now. Our team participated in Tokyo Game Show 2023 and it was than awesome! We presented our two big projects we are so proud of and let the people from all of the world to test it and share their feedback. So here is our essay on our trip, emotions, experience and further plans.



The first Tokyo Game Show ever held in 1996 and since then takes place in Makuhari Messe convention center, which includes 11 exhibition halls, a concert and an international conference hall. The event lasts for four days. First two are business days for networking with the representatives of gaming companies. The last two ones are the real treat for gamers. Tokyo Game Show is one of the most visited game shows in the world, and this year it reached 243.248 visitors. Impressive, isn’t it?



Our team flew to Japan and presented our two main games, which are family shooter Sugar Mess – Let’s Play Jolly Battle and co-op metroidvania Anima Flux. It was a blast!
We’ve met a lot of fun and creative people, made contacts with some industry giants, shared our work and collected feedback right away. It was an honor to share, talk and debate features in the gaming industry with professionals, game lovers, developers and fans. And we’d like to tell you a little more about gamers’ reactions to each of our games.


Sugar Mess – Let’s Play Jolly Battle



Gamers who were playing VR for the first time, praised the clarity and simplicity of the controls, as well as the clarity of actions they had to do. According to feedback from players, behind the colorful gameplay lies not just a game for minors, but a shooter that can also interest adults. Thus, experienced gamers passed the level from the first try, and players with less experience needed more time to succeed, but they were no less delighted with the process. Some players completed the game without interruption, progressing well through the levels. The variety of gameplay mechanics and their execution was a pleasant surprise for them. Players highly appreciated the quality of gameplay and its engaging plot. And besides the useful feedback the most heartwarming thing about the event were the very emotions of people and their sincere wish to play the game as soon as it will be released. This is the quolity mark.


Anima Flux  



The Anima Flux team’s task was to present our game as worthy as possible. And judging by the number of rave reviews, we made it. Representatives of large companies and people whose work we focused on while creating our game were interested in us. Another proof that we are going in the right direction. And this is good news. About 50 people tested our game in total. Sometimes whole families would come up to us and play in co-op mode. Every second player gave us detailed feedback and thanks to them once we once again determined the vector of our work. There were also players who had not tested the games at the exhibition but noted the best for themselves. And, passing by our booth and noticing the description of our Metroidvania, they immediately wishlisted Anima Flux on Steam and set a reminder about the release of the free demo version of the game.



We would like to express special gratitude to everyone who took part in organizing the Tokyo Game Show. It is impossible to imagine how much people, resources and effort were spent on creating a real holiday for everyone who is interested in, loves and respects the gaming industry. We are incredibly excited to be a part of this amazing story. And we really hope to continue such an exciting adventure.

Thank you, hospitable Japan and Tokyo Game Show, for believing in us and giving us the opportunity to talk about our brainchild globally.

Stay tuned and enjoy our open demo!

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