What is Missing From Casual Games?

25 August 2019

Casual games already became an irreplaceable part of our experience with mobile devices. Nowadays, users don’t want to spend too much time to improve their skills and advance abilities while sitting in front of computers. Casual games offer an amazing possibility to fill a couple of hours in a traffic jam on the way home and relax after a hard day.

Our team has a long-time experience working in the casual games genre. Our team has a great potential for advancing in the casual games genre. Recently, we came up with the fact that in the game design industry, casuals are considered a popular, but endangered species. The main reason is that these games are considered plotless with the simplest controls in a “tap to play” format.

Studying the casual games market, we became confident that most games are not fully appreciated by players. No offense to developers, but we believe that any game should involve certain parts of the brain that are responsible for thinking and emotions. Yes, casual games have only one goal — to relax the player and get them carried away by the process. Yet even in such a game, there should be an intellectual approach.

Let be honest, a set of mechanical actions in the “tap to play” mode is boring. At first, the player is interested, but after a couple of hours, their emotional background decreases and he continues to play mindless.

Overwhelmed by these thoughts, we came up with the idea to create Jolly Battle.

Some will say that JB doesn’t differ from most casual games and it is true. We made it as simple as possible, so, you can fill a few minutes of free time and get distracted from other thoughts.

Yet, we did a great job to solve two very important issues:

  1. Give the game a positive emotional background and dip the player into a perky state of mind
  2. Involve the player’s mind to develop his/her thinking

Jolly Battle will never be a casual mind game. But there is no mechanical action and you have to think carefully before joining the battle. At the same time, you will not feel any excess mental stress and will be able to relax at the fullest.

This is beneficial not only for adults but also for kids. After all, you want your child not just kill their time playing a casual game, but to learn something.

The game is useful because it belongs to the logical and mathematical type:

  • It teaches the child to navigate in the place: horizontal, vertical, diagonal, coordinates;
  • The child reflects on the location of his or her ships relative to the enemy’s, that is, he or she thinks about the future actions of the opponents, learns to guess, create a strategy, make a choice.

Besides, the magical world develops imagination, and funny cakes bring a lot of positive emotions. Every time you enter the Jolly Battle, you discover something new.

In our opinion, this is what casual game makers should strive for. We appreciate our community, which supports us and set a high value on what we do. This gives us the energy to develop and come up with new features for Jolly Battle.

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